England vs Denmark Euro 2021 Predictions and Betting Tips 

We have finally reached the semi-finals of Euro 2020 after nearly a month of fascinating Football this summer.

England vs Denmark will be the first semi final match in Euro 2020. The England vs Denmark match will take place on July 6 at 2100 hrs Central Eastern European Summer Time at the Wembley Stadium in London.

England Form

TeamGoals ScoredGoals ConcededShots per game

From the numbers it might look like of all the teams that qualified England are probably the
weakest team. But that would be an incorrect assumption. We will explain this by breaking down

England’s form can be broken down in three categories:

  • England’s form before Euro 2020
  • England’s form during the group stage in Euro 2020
  • England’s form during the knockout stage in Euro 2020

England’s form before Euro 2020

Before their opening game against Croatia in the group stage in Euro 2020, England were undefeated in the 5 games they played and just conceded once during those games.

Goals were hard to come by for England with England scoring only an average of only 1.5 goals per game.

England’s form During the Group Stage in Euro 2020

England won group D, a group that consisted of World Cup finalists, Croatia. England won 2 games and drew 1. They scored only 2 goals during the group stage. This means that England now are the side to top their group with the fewest goals scored during the European Championships.

At 7.3 shots per game England also had the third fewest shots as well during the group stage in Euro 2021.

However, these low numbers in attack were in direct contrast to England’s performance in defence. England ranked 6th in terms of the fewest shots allowed to their opponents at 8.7 shots per game.

England also did not concede a single goal during the group stage, a distinction they shared with fellow semi-finalists, Italy.

This is the first time England has qualified for the knockout stage in a major tournament without conceding a single goal since the 1986 World Cup. 

England’s form during the knockout stage in Euro 2020

England faced Germany in the round of 16. A lot of doubts were being raised by fans and football pundits alike in regards to whether or not England will play the same “boring” style of football.

England surprised everyone by  putting in a solid performance against Germany and scoring 2 goals. They replicated and even improved upon their performance against Germany in their quarter finals game against Ukraine where England scored 4 goals.

Of the 48 that have been played so far in Euro, there were only 5 games where a team scored 4 or more goals. England vs Ukraine was one of them suggesting that England is more than capable of scoring plenty of goals and winning in style.

England are now unbeaten in 11 games and they have not conceded a single goal in the last 7 games which is a pretty impressive feat. We can reasonably conclude that going into the England vs Denmark game in the semi finals,England are in good form.

England Tactics

England has used 4-2-3-1 consistently in recent times. That’s exactly how they lined up during the group stage. However, They switched to 3-4-3 during the quarterfinal game against Germany and then switched back to a 4-2-3-1 again.

It’s hard to predict which formation they would use in the England vs Denmark game. We are going to guess England will line up in a 4-2-3-1 and discuss the tactics they will use against Denmark.

But don’t worry there aren’t significant differences between the two formations.

In defence, the 3 attacking midfielders will back into midfield and England’s formation will look like a 4-5-1. Harry kane will stand shoulder to shoulder against the opposition defenders looking for deflections, hold the ball and create through balls for his team mates for a counter attack.

When it comes to attack, England prefer to build up patiently from the back. England prefer to attack from the left. Luke Shaw bombs forward and is a threat from out wide.Sterling tucks into the box, Mount moves a bit to the right and into the box while the right winger also moves into the box but remains a bit wide.

This leaves room for the more “defensive” fullback to move forward if England want to switch the play to the other side of the field. Rice and Kalvin Phillips stay a bit further back and provide defensive solidity against counter attacks.

England Predicted Line up For England vs Denmark

Jadon Sancho put in a decent performance against Ukraine but we expect Foden to take his place since he seems to be the preferred option in that position.


Denmark Form

Denmark’s form can be broken down in three categories:

  • Pre Euro 2020
  • First 2 games during the group stage
  • The final group stage game and the knockout stage in Euro 2020

Pre Euro 2020 form

Denmark are the 10th best team in the world and the 7th best team in Europe according to FIFA. They are the 5th best ranked team of the 8 teams that have qualified for the quarterfinals in Euro 2020.

Before starting their Euro 2020 campaign Denmark were in excellent form. They were unbeaten in the 5 games they played in 2021 before their opening game in Euro 2021 against Finland and finished second in their group in the 2020-21 season of the Nations League. 

The first 2 group stage games 

Denmark lost it’s opening game in the European championship against Finland, a game that continued after a life threatening incident in which one of their best players, Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field due to a cardiac arrest.

Thanks to the actions of his teammates and medical staff, Eriksen survived and is doing well. He urged his team mates to continue the game which Denmark lost 1-0 in spite of making 23 shots.

Denmark’s next game was against the best ranked team in the world, Belgium. Denmark would lose this game 2-1 but they yet again performed quite well registering 21 shots compared to Belgium’s 6.

The final group stage game and the knockout stage in Euro 2020

Denmark faced Russia in their final group stage game. Denmark scored 4 goals and won the game 4-1. This result allowed them to qualify for the knockout stage as runners up of group B.

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Going into the knockout stages, Denmark registered the second highest number of shots at and an average of 19.7 shots per game on average. Denmark also won the 4 highest number of aerial duels per game and conceded the third fewest number of shots from their opponents at 4.3 shots per game

Denmark would go on to replicate this form and beat Wales 4-0 in the round of 16 and the Czech Republic in the quarter finals to reach their first semi finals in a major tournament since Euro 1992, which was their maiden European championship.

Denmark is in an impressive form as you can see from the numbers above. They are tied with Italy on the second spot for the teams with the most number of goals, they are third in the tournament so far in terms of average number of shots per game and they also have pretty decent defensive record.

Denmark Tactics

Denmark has been lining up in a 3-4-3 for their last 3 games. Denmark tends to apply this formation in a very interesting way. The 2 central midfielders tend to stay compact and avoid the urge to burst forward and to join the attack. 

If one of the midfielders finds space in the option box that could be a good goal scoring opportunity, one of the midfielders will run into that space. When this midfielder vacates that space One of the two wide center backs will occupy that position to prevent counter attacks.

But In the game against Wales Andreas Christensen, who is the center back, could be seen doing exactly that when he would progress up the midfield.

Denmark’s center backs are excellent on the ball and unlike most teams, it can be argued that the center backs are the primary source for progressing the ball forward instead of the midfield.

If the opposition forwards press the center backs, then the midfield takes over this role.

This is an excellent advantage for Denmark because it allows them to progress the ball from multiple areas without any problem.

As you can see from the image below, Denmark can have 5 players in attack and 4 players in midfield when they are attacking. This daring tactic allows them to have a numerical advantage in midfield.

Denmark Predicted Line up For England vs Denmark


England vs Denmark Predictions

This is a tough game to predict because on paper both the teams can win against each other. But England have better quality of players on the bench and in their squad overall. This will certainly give them an edge against Denmark.

As you will see, the bookmakers heavily favor England to win this semi final match. We tend to agree with the bookmakers on this game.

A draw is also highly likely when we consider the fact that that when these two sides previously met in the Nations League in September 2020, the game ended in a 0-0 draw.

But the stakes are higher this time around since it is a semi-final of a major competition. Both sides will go in for the goal that kills the game.

We believe that due to England’s increasing goal scoring abilities during the knockout stage in Euro 2020 combined with their amazing records in maintaining clean sheets this game will end up 2-0 in England’s favor.

England vs Denmark Euro 2020 Odds

Bookmakers are offering the following odds for the England vs Denmark game in Euro 2020:

  • England 5.40
  • Draw 3.55
  • Denmark 1.75

From these odds we can clearly see that England  are favorites to win this semi final match in Euro 2020.

Bookmaker offers for the England vs Denmark in Euro 2020

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England vs Denmark Euro 2020 Semi Finals Betting Tips

As we mentioned earlier in our England vs Denmark predictions section of the article, we predict England to win 2-0. Because of the high odds for England we don’t advise you to bet on England because you won’t get a big profit with a simple match bet.

The reason for this has been discussed in our articles on football betting systems and football betting tips where we discuss strategies that can help you to develop your own football betting system and make profitable football bets.

To cut a long story short, you should avoid placing match winner bets if the odds for your team are less than 2.0.

That being said handicap bets, over/under betting options can prove to be profitable bets not only for this Euro 2020 match between England and Ukraine but also most football games during the Euros with a clear favorite and underdog.

Here are some betting tips we have for you in England vs Denmark game in Euro 2020:

  • Handicap betting, England starts with 0 goals, Denmark with 2,match ends in a draw. Odds 4.70
  • England to win, only one team or no team to score. Odds 2.41
  • England to win, over 1.5 goals to be scored during the game. Odds 2.20
  • England to win, under 2.5 goals to be scored during the game. Odds 3.20
  • Harry Kane to score, England to win. Odds 2.85
  • Raheem Sterling to score, England to win. Odds 4.2