Czech Republic vs Denmark Euro 2021 Predictions and Betting Tips 

Czech Republic vs Denmark will be the third game in the quarter finals of Euro 2020. The Czech Republic vs Denmark match will take place on July 3 at 1800 hrs Central Eastern European Summer Time at the Olympic Stadium in Baku,Azerbaijan.

Czech Republic Form, potential line up and Tactics

Going into the Euros, the Czech weren’t exactly in great form. They played 5 games before the euros and won just 2 of those games, lost 2 and drew 1 game. They weren’t exactly prolific in front of the goal either, scoring only 1 goal per game in their last 4 games and conceding 7 goal in these games.

The Czech however put in a decent performance during the group stage.  They qualified for the knockout stage by finishing 3rd in Group D. They had the same number of points as Croatia (4) and finished the group stage with 1 win, 1 draw and 1. The Czech scored only 3 goals during these 3 games but conceded just 2.

The Czech aslo pulled off arguably one of the best upsets in this tournament when they defeated the Netherlands in order to qualify for the quarter finals.

The Czech set up in a 4-2-3-1 formation with the wide attackers cutting inside and the wide defenders providing the width in attack. 

The midfielders like to sit deep and help out in defence and provide long balls to the attacking players when the fullbacks push high up the pitch during an attack. Vladimír Coufal is excellent at providing crossess and passes from the right. He provided an amazing cross from the right which was headed in by their star striker in their first goal in their first game in Euro 2020 against Scotland.

Their first choice midfielder is 26 year old Tomáš Souček who is an all round midfielder who is talented in protecting the defence,competing for aerial balls, creating long passess and progressing the ball forward while Alex Kral is more of a defensive midfielder who likes to stay a bit further back but can also push into the opposition box if necessary.

Their captain Vladimír Darida starts ahead of these 2 midfielders and is the attacking midfielder who sets up attacks and is an amazing creative presence in attack. Darida links up well with their star striker, 25 year old Patrik Schick.

Schick can drop deep and link up play with other attackers and is amazing in the air. Schick scored all the 3 goals for the Czech Republic during their group stage matches.

Schick is flanked by 25 year old Jakub Jankto on the left and Lukáš Masopust on the right.

The Czech like to press the opposition with these 4 attacking players when they don’t have the ball while the wide defenders fall back to form a back 4 and are given an extra layer of protection by their midfielders Souček and Kral.

The Czech have some weaknesses that are important to note. They are vulnerable to quick runs behind their center backs from quick attackers especially from wide and they don’t exactly have the most talented center backs which leaves them quite vulnerable at the back.

Czech Republic Predicted line up

Apart from the re-introduction of Kral, we expect the Czech line up to remain unchanged.

Denmark Form, Predicted line up and Tactics

Denmark are the 10th best team in the world and the 7th best team in Europe according to FIFA. They are the 5th best ranked team of the 8 teams that have qualified for the quarterfinals in Euro 2020.

Before starting their Euro 2020 campaign Denmark were in excellent form. They were unbeaten in the 5 games they played in 2021 before their opening game in Euro 2021 against Finland and finished second in their group in the 2020-21 season of the Nations League. 

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Denmark’s group consisted of Belgium which is ranked number 1 by FIFA and England which is ranked as the 3rd best team in Europe. Denmark finished above England which is an indication of just how good the Danes are.

Denmark’s Performance in Euro 2020

Denmark lost it’s opening game against Finland, a side which is ranked 54th and was the team with second lowest ranking in Europe in Euro 2020. 

But this loss was an unfortunate one for Denmark considering the major incident that occurred during this game. During their game against Finland, one of Denmark’s most talented players, Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field and nearly lost his life due to a cardiac arrest.

Denmark’s Captain, Simon Kjaer acted like a true leader when Eriksen collapsed. He  dashed from his position and pushed aside other players to immediately place Eriksen into the recovery position.

Kjaer realised what was going on and worked to stop the 29-year-old from swallowing his tongue and then took the life-saving decision to start giving CPR on Eriksen. As the EMTs arrived on the pitch he rounded up his team mates to form a wall around Eriksen to protect his privacy from the prying eyes of the media.

Denmark decided to continue this match in spite of the psychological shock they endured as a team and registered 22 attempts on goal compared to Finland’s one and only attempt.

Denmark would lose their second match against Belgium 1-2 but in spite of losing against the best ranked team in the world, the Danes put up a good fight registering 21 attempts compared to Belgium’s 6.

Denmark’s game against Russia was where Denmark started to truly shine though. They thrashed Russia 4-1 to qualify for the round of 16 as runners up of their group.

Denmark was arguably the most attacking team to qualify for the knockout stage as they had the highest number of attempts.

The Danes would replicate their form in their first knockout game against Wales, which they won 4-0 to book a place in the quarter finals against the Czech Republic.

Denmark has some pretty impressive stats that would make you want to watch them play:

  • Denmark is tied with Italy on the second highest scoring team after bagging 9 goals in 4 games.
  • Denmark has the second highest number of shots per game.
  • Denmark has made the second highest number of dribbles per game amongst all the teams that are currently in the quarterfinals and the third highest of all the teams in Euro 2020.

Denmark tactics

Denmark has been lining up in a 3-4-3 for their last 3 games. The Danes use this formation in a very interesting way. The 2 central midfielders tend to stay compact and not burst forward to join the attack. 

If Denmark decides to pile on the pressure and one of the midfielders notices a gap in the opposition box that can be exploited he will run into it. But once this midfielder vacates that space One of the two wide center backs will occupy that position to prevent counter attacks.

In the game against Wales Andreas Christensen could be seen doing exactly that when he would progress up the midfield.

Denmark’s center backs are excellent on the ball and unlike most teams, it can be argued that the center backs are the primary source for progressing the ball forward instead of the midfield.

If the opposition forwards press the center backs, then the midfield takes over this role.

This is an excellent advantage for Denmark because it allows them to progress the ball from multiple areas without any problem.

As you can see from the image below, Denmark can have 5 players in attack and 4 players in midfield when they are attacking. This daring tactic allows them to have a numerical advantage in midfield.

Denmark lineup

Czech Republic vs Denmark Euro 2021 Odds

Bookmakers are offering the following odds for the Czech Republic vs Denmark game in quarter finals of Euro 2020:

  • Czech Republic 3.85
  • Draw 3.25
  • Denmark 2.12

From these odds we can clearly see that Denmark are favorites to win this quarterfinal game.

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Czech Republic vs Denmark Euro 2021 Predictions

The Czech Republic vs Denmark could turn out to be one of the most interesting matches in Euro 2020 in our opinion and we will give you all the reasons why…

Both the teams apply tactics that can give an advantage to one team over the other. For instance if you remember correctly, the Czech love to press quite aggressively with their 4 attackers while the Danes like to progress the ball with their defenders.

This would mean that the Danes will have to be very careful while progressing the ball from the ball as they would have numerical disadvantage on their own half (Denmark will have 3 at the back vs the Czech’s 4 attackers)

But the Danes will have an advantage in midfield if the manage to progress the ball beyond their own half as they one or two of the center backs would move forward to join the midfield. This would help them to maintain dominance in midfield and prevent the Czech to build from the midfield when the Danes lose the ball.

When the Danes can push the Czech to their own half the Czech Republic would defend in a compact 4-5-1. 

This means that the Danes would have a numerical advantage against the Czech Republic’s defense however, this also means that if the Czech decide to be daring, they would have a numerical advantage in counter attacks because they would have 5 men there vs Denmark who will have 3.

These seemingly paradoxical styles of football could mean that we will see a very dynamic match with both teams playing a high tempo game where they have to quickly transition from defence to attack.

If we take into account the fact that the Danes have the second highest number of attempts on goal we can expect this game to have plenty of goals.

Based on the odds set by the bookmaker we can also reasonably expect this game to be a closely contested one.

Based on these facts we predict that Denmark will win but not by a huge margin in a game that will have a lot of goals.

We predict that Denmark will beat the Czech Republic 3-2.

Czech Republic vs Denmark Betting Tips

If you read our articles on football betting systems and football betting tips, you would realize Czech Republic vs Denmark is the perfect match to place a bet on in Euro 2020.

The reason for that is simple, the odds for both teams are above 2.0 and it will be a closely contested match.

This means that you can double your money by betting on Denmark and triple your money if you bet on Czech Republic.

That being said, we have a betting tip for you that could help you win some money no matter who wins…

Place one bet on Denmark to win and one bet(of equal amount) on Czech Republic  to win. In this case you only lose your money if there is a draw but that is unlikely to happen in such a crucial game.

So essentially what you do is you split your budget for the game. Let’s say you have a budget of €200 for this game. You place one bet of €100 on Denmark and another €100 on Czech Republic.

If Czech Republic wins your Profit percentage would be 92.5% because your profit would be €385-€200=€185 and 185 is 92.5% of your investment of €200.

If Denmark wins you would still end up with a 6% profit (€212-€200=€12 is 6% of 200).

Sure, this system means that your profit percentage would be lower if you just bet on one team (112 % profit if you just bet on Denmark and 285% if you just bet on Czech Republic) but this system ensures that you don’t lose any money.

Keep in mind that this is not a fool proof system. If the match ends in a draw you will lose but as we pointed out earlier, the likelihood of a draw is very low.

TeamOddsBet AmountWinProfit %
Czech Republic3.85€100€38592.5%

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