21 Biggest Horse Races in The World

It may sound a bit brutal to listen to, but horse racing is  the largest betting portal in  the world, also frequented by billionaires from different countries.

As you know, some famous horse races are also gala events , including  week-ends where many celebrities from the international jetset gather  . Even  Dubai , in the heart of  Islam , where gambling is prohibited, is home to one of the biggest horse races of the year.

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But to get a complete picture of the top  10 richest horse races in the world , here’s what you need to know …

PREAKNESS STAKES (prize money: $ 1.5 million)

This race dates back to 1873 and is held every third Saturday in May in  Baltimore,Maryland . The track is approximately 2 kilometers long and the race generally finishes in 2 minutes, with the fastest time recorded at 1:53:00 (1973). It is the second largest horse racing event in the  United States , after the  Kentucky Derby .

NAKAYAMA GRAND JUMP (Prize Money: $ 1.7 million)

Japan’s most prestigious horse race  is the  Nakayama Grand Jump , which has been held every April since its inception in 1999 at the famous  Nakayama Race Course . It is an extremely demanding jumping competition, with hairpin turns, jumps, slopes and descents to test the limits of the competitors.

KENTUCKY DERBY (Prize Money: $ 3 million)

The  Kentucky Derby  is one of the most famous sporting events in the world. It takes place on the first Saturday in May each year and is the most prestigious stage of  Triple Crown Of Thoroughbred Racing  in the  United States .

PEGASUS WORLD CUP (Prize Money: $ 3 million)

The first edition of  this horse race in 2017 had a prize pool of $ 12 million, a figure that placed it as the richest race in the world. The event aimed to revolutionize the gaming industry and beat the  Middle East  in organizing horse racing events. However, apart from the 2017 edition, the prize pool for this race has progressively decreased to  just $ 3 million in 2020. It is held annually in  Florida  ( United States ).

JAPAN CUP (Prize Money: $ 4.6 million)

The most prestigious horse race in Southeast Asia is the  Japan Cup , a thoroughbred horse race on grass. The race takes place on the last Sunday of November each year in  Tokyo  and is opened by the   Japanese Prime Minister .

PRIX DE L’ARC DE TRIOMPHE (Prize Money: $ 5 million)

Known as  The Arc , it is one of the most prestigious events in the world of horse racing. Organized at the Longchamp racecourse   in  Paris , this historic event dates back to 1920 and is held on the first weekend of October each year.

BREEDER’S CUP (Prize Money: $ 1 million to $ 6 million per race)

Opened in 1984, the event takes place every year on famous circuits in the  United States . There are a total of 13 races under the event and the combined prize pool is $ 28 million. The two most important races in this world championship are the  Breeder’s Cup Turf  and the  Breeder’s Cup Classic .

MELBOURNE CUP (Prize Money: $ 5.4 million)

It takes place every year at the famous Flemington Racecourse  in  Melbourne  ( Australia ). The event was inaugurated in 1861 and is well attended by celebrities and  sports stars . Spectators must wear special hats and participate in a famous competition ( Fashions On The Field ) that judges the best dressed men and women of the event.

ROYAL ASCOT (Prize Money: $ 10.4 million)

It is by far the most formal horse racing event in the world. It dates back to 1711 and was founded by the then Queen  Anna . The event is organized by the British royal family, and all the prominent members arrive in horse-drawn carriages. The dress code for the occasion is strictly formal, with women being required to wear a day dress accompanied by a hat, while men are required to wear black or gray with a top hat.

DUBAI WORLD CUP (Prize Money: $ 12 million)

It is the richest horse race in the world. Inaugurated in 1996 by the Prime Minister of the  United Arab Emirates  and the sovereign Sheikh  Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , the  Dubai World Cup  is just one of the races of the  Dubai World Cup Night Event  (in total they have a prize of 27 million dollars) . This race attracts the biggest names from the world of sports, politics and cinema and is a very important gala event.

Epsom derby

Also known as “The Derby” it has been held on the first weekend of June each year at the Epsom Downs racetrack, Surrey, England, since 1779.

It runs on a 2420 meter long grass track.

It is considered the most prestigious equestrian event in Great Britain, attended by great personalities from royalty, television and business.

Madrid Grand Prix

It is the most important horse race in Spain. It has been held on the last weekend of June at the La Zarzuela racecourse (Madrid) since 1919 over a distance of 2,500 meters of grass.

Chile Derby

It has been celebrated on the first Sunday in February at the Valparaiso Sporting racetrack in Viña del Mar (Chile) since 1885.

It is held on a 2,400-meter grass court.

National Grand Prize

It is the most important race in Argentina. It is held in November at the Palermo Hippodrome on a 2,500-meter dirt track.

It is a very attractive race for the public because the start takes place in front of the stands and the spectators can see the participants from a few meters away

José Pedro Ramírez Grand Prize

It is one of the oldest horse races in South America. It has been celebrated on January 6 (Kings Day) since 1889 at the de Maroñas racetrack, Montevideo, Uruguay.

It takes place on a 2,400 meter long dirt track

The Cheltenham Festival UNITED KINGDOM

Prize money: £ 6million (1st place)

Date: From Tuesday March 16, 2021 to Friday March 19, 2021

Every year in March, horse racing enthusiasts gather at Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire, England, to witness the prestigious National Horse Racing Tournament. For four days, millions of people are put on the line, while horse racing enthusiasts hold their breath to see who ends up victorious. The winner takes home a prize of £ 6million.


Prize money: 2,857,000 euros (1st place)

Date: Saturday October 3, 2020-Sunday October 4, 2020

Meydan Racecourse, one of the oldest horse races in the United Arab Emirates, is a classic event open only to purebred horses of at least three years of age. Over a distance of 2.4 km, the fastest thoroughbred emerges. The event takes place on the first Sunday in October each year. The prize pool of the tournament amounts to 5 million euros, the winner leaves with 2,857,000 euros.

The challenges of Belmont UNITED STATES Prize money: $ 800,000 (1st place)

Date: Saturday June 6, 2020

For horse racing enthusiasts in the United States, every first or second Saturday in June is still a day to look forward to. Since 1873, the Belmont Stake, which is held on Belmont’s famous track nicknamed the “Championship Track”, has seen thoroughbreds run with a weight of up to 56 kg for no less than 2.4 km. While the race attracted thousands of people, millions of people are watching the event live. The race has a purse of $ 1.5 million. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and accompanying concerns, the race is expected to take place on the first Saturday in June.

The Great National England Prize money: £ 561,300 (1st place)

An event that holds a place in the hearts of virtually every UK citizen, The Grand National, which is often held annually at Liverpool’s Aintree Racecourse, is one of the most popular and important horse races in the world. world. In Britain it is not uncommon for people who are not interested in horse racing to make an exception for the Grand National. The event, which was first held in 1839, has a £ 1million purse and the winner is awarded a sum of £ 561,300. No less than 600 million people watch the event around the world.

Glorious Goodwood – Five day flat racing event and highlight of the flat season  England 

The Glorious Goodwood is a five-day race . It exudes a very special charm and makes the hearts of many viewers beat faster. The viewer is offered some excitement and tension. Because of this, this race is very popular during the flat season . The Goodwood Racecourse is a horse racing track five miles north of Chichester, West Sussex, England. This is where the Glorious Goodwood Event takes place. This is one of the highlights of the flat season . During the festival the Sussex Stakes and the Nassau Stakes take place, both Group 1 races.

In general, the railway is characterized by a very attractive environment. The main grandstand offers you a unique view of the entire course. The only problem that can be named is the proximity to the coast, this proximity occasionally brings with it some fog. But this aspect also gives the Glorious Goodwood its very special charm. The racetrack demands a lot from the participants and can be described as very complex.

In conclusion it can be said that the Glorious Goodwood can be called the highlight of the summer. Full of fabulous fashion, champagne, top jockeys as well as music and dance every visitor is drawn under its spell. More than 100,000 visitors flock through the gates of the Glorious Goodwood Festival to soak up the relaxed and incredibly stylish atmosphere. In addition to the unique atmosphere, the spectators are of course also given the opportunity to place one or the other horse bet on their favorites.

Gallop Derby Hamburg

The online derby

The German Derby takes place annually as part of the derby meeting on the gallop racecourse in Horn – and has been since 1869. It is the sports facility with the longest tradition in the Hanseatic city. Due to the corona pandemic, the 2020 Derby Meeting will take place from July 10th to 12th. The German Derby will be streamed live on the internet. Will now take place on July 12, 2020.

Korea Cup and Korea Sprint

The most important  horse races in South Korea are the Korea Cup (1,800 meters) and The Korea Sprint (1,200 meters). Both races are held on the same day in September and belong to Group III. The Korea Racing Authority (KRA) hopes to raise the status of these races through high prize money and increased international starters. In general, it is believed that the many investments in Korean horse racing will mean that thoroughbreds bred in Korea will be able to compete in the most important races in the USA in the near future.

Horse races in South Korea take place exclusively on dirt tracks. In the capital, in the Seoul Racing Park, regularly on Saturdays and Sundays. Every Friday and Sunday on the race track in Bursa built in 2005. There is also a horse racing track on Jeju Island, the Jeju Race Park. No thoroughbred horses start here, but so-called “Jeju ponies” and “Halla”, a cross between Jeju ponies and thoroughbred horses.

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