6 reasons to play at 24Bettle!

24Bettle is a casino where your cheeky resident bull Carlos grants you access to a wide variety of slots, live casino and sports betting options.

With an eye on the sky, Carlos kicks your casino journey into hyperdrive with a very unique gamification system, like no other.

Without further cowing about, take a look at our top reasons to play at 24Bettle.

1. 24Bettle community 

A sense of community is very prevalent in 24Bettle. Before even having an account you can keep up to date and celebrate with other players when they win thanks to the interactive continuous stream of live updates on the left-hand side of the website. Here is where whenever a player logs in, wins on the slots or wins a bettle will be announced to help spread the joy all across the site. Under this communal updates platform you will also find the top four progressive jackpots at the moment. 

2. Wide range of slot games 

24Bettle has an extensive selection of slot games that you can pick from. This is thanks to the many different game providers that they have which include iSoftBet, NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming. These three providers that I have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg as so many different game providers come up with new and exciting slot games which are released almost daily. 

These many slot games are also categorised into easily digestible content so that you will spend less time looking and more time playing. The slots are divided into seven different categories. If you are someone who has never played slots before then the new and popular sections are perfect for you as here you will find the latest and greatest games that have been loved by everyone across 24Bettle. If you are looking for a specific game then you can make use of the search bar that is found on the far right of the categories. If you are looking for games from a specific game provider then you should head on over to the provider category. Here you will be met with all the different providers that power our slots. If you choose your preferred provider you will be taken to the full catalogue of all the games, new and old, that we have on our site that are created by your chosen provider. 

Apart from all of these amazing slot games mentioned 24Bettle also offers a sportsbook which can be accessed by clicking on the sportsbook section found on the top right corner of the site. 24Bettle sportsbook offers you nineteen different sports that you can choose from together with six different virtual sports that you can bet on. 

3. Live casino 

24Bettle offers both casino and live casino. Their live casino is powered by NetEnt. In their casino section you will find seven different categories of games which you can choose to play. These casino games include the very popular poker, blackjack and baccarat amongst others. All you have to do is decide what you want to play and get the cards shuffling. If you would rather play casino games with a real live dealer then you have the option to do so thanks to the live casino section. Depending on what time you log in to play the games available to choose from will vary. This is because there are real live people behind a camera who are doing everything in real time.  When playing live casino games you will see what the dealer is doing but the dealer will not be able to see what you are doing as neither a video connection nor a live sound connection are needed from your end so that you can play. 

4. Promotions change very often

Another wonderful reason to play at 24Bettle are the ever changing promotions! 24Bettle has made it a point to switch out their promotions almost daily. Once you sign-up you will receive updates whenever a new offer is going on on any slot games. Apart from this you will also receive offers which are personalised to you and to your activity on the site.  Upon signing up to play with 24Bettle you will also receive a Welcome Bonus that can be redeemed at any time. 

5. Game modes 

But, what makes 24Bettle so special is their new and innovative game modes that they have introduced to make slot games even more exciting and challenging. This means that as a player on 24Bettle you will not only be challenged by the slot that you are playing but you will also be challenged sideways depending on the game mode that you choose to play in! 

24Bettle has introduced 4 game modes that are casual, slots, hardcore and allrounder. Upon logging in you will choose what you are in the mood for and anything you do on the site will help you earn some extra points that will help you win later on. Every section has its own set of challenges which can be found when going to the slots section and looking on the right hand side of the site. Here you are shown what game modes you are playing in, what achievements you have accomplished and you can also change how you want to play. This allows you to level up, earn and redeem points and rewards as well as create and level up your own personal multiplier. This means that playing at 24Bettle is 100% a personal experience that you have the freedom to change whenever you wish. 

6. Interactive ‘Bettles’ 

Another way that 24Bettle is changing up the casino scene is by introducing these ‘bettles’. This is a space where players can see how really good they are and play against each other on a global scale. These bettles are always happening at 24Bettle and they are free to enter. If you win one of these bettles you will be awarded with some free spins and maybe something even better. 

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