5 Reasons Why You Should Play at Rembrandt Casino

Rembrandt Casino is a tasteful casino with its name being established in 2011. With over 2000 slot games, live casino and a wonderful sportsbook, making it a leader in the online gaming industry tailoring itself towards making you the VIP you deserve to be. The name itself conjures up images of the the finer things in life. Rembrandt Casino is synonymous with class, luxury and the height of excellence.

Rembrandt Casino: The Art of Online Gambling

Holding style at the pinnacle of importance, yet never lacking in the major aspects all good and authoritative online casinos should rightfully value and implement.

Keeping it calm for the casual days, pumping offers for its players. Rembrandt stays in tune with the latest games, technology and style, hosting a player first approach to the online casino.

Not convinced? Here’s our 5 reasons why Rembrandt Casino will paint the path of the future in online gaming.

1. Rembrandt Community

The first thing that you will notice upon opening up Rembrandt Casino is the fact that whenever any player wins it is celebrated site wide. On the homepage there is a banner that shows who has won, how much they have won and on which slot. This makes for Rembrandt to have an overall communal feel to it so that you do not feel alone when you spend your time spinning these reels or betting on the sportsbook. 

Another way that a sense of community is evident in Rembrandt is the fact that customer support is taken seriously throughout this online casino. If you happen to run into any problems during your time in this casino you can head on over to the support section which is found on the upper right-hand corner of the website. Here you will find frequently asked questions, payment support as well as game explanations. It is on this support page that you will be able to find the answers to any questions that you may have. 

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2. Rembrandt Sportsbook 

Rembrandt Casino also offers a specialised sportsbook where you will find a vast array of both virtual and live sports to bet on.  Once you go over to the sportsbook section you will see that there are over twenty different sports that you bet on, live! Apart from this, Rembrandt also features the phenomenon of virtual sports. This can be found under its own sub-heading and here you will find eight different virtual sports that you can bet on. 

You also have the option to change the way that the odds of each game are viewed. You can find this setting once you scroll all the way down underneath all the different kinds of sports that are on offer for you. Here, you have the option to choose between viewing the odds in three different ways. The first view is the default one which is the decimal formatting. The second format that you can choose to view your odds in is fractional and last but not least you can also view your odds in the american formatting. 

If you wish to bet on a specific league then you can view all of the leagues that are currently in progress on the left hand side of the website. You can also make use of the search bar where you can look up any specific team or league that you wish to bet on that is not displayed upon first glance. 

3. Casino and Slots 

Rembrandt Casino boasts a number of different game providers. This means that you are sure to find the slot that suits your style, no matter what you wish to play. We host 28 different game providers with over 2,000 slot games that you can choose from. If this number makes you feel a little overwhelmed, no problem as we have organised all of these slot games into easily to understand categories that can be found at the top of the slots section. 

The first category is the ‘new’ category where you will be able to find the latest and greatest games that have been added to our website. This section is constantly updating so if you are someone who likes to be the first to know about new games then this section is perfect for you. 

The next section is the ‘popular’ section where you can see what all the cool kids are playing. Here you will find all the top-played games so that you can see what is loved the most and try these slots out for yourself. 

The one right after is the ‘sport slots’ section, this one is a section that changes according to the seasons. The slots that you will find under this seasonal section all depend upon the time in which you are playing. For example, if you were to play during christmas time you would find christmas themed slots or if you were to play during easter time you would find easter themed slots.

Another section is the ‘favorites’ section where you will find all the slot games that are loved by players just like you. If you are someone who prefers playing jackpot slots over traditional slots then you will find all the jackpot slots that your heart can dream of under the ‘jackpot’ section. 

Last but not least, we have the ‘all’ section where you will be shown all of the slots that we have on offer. If you happen to be looking for a particular game then you also have a search bar found at the right hand side of all these sections. 

Rembrandt Casino also offers a casino section. Here you will find both virtual and live casino games. There are various, well-known card games that can be played at Rembrandt Casino. Our casino features the ever so popular poker, blackjack and baccarat. Our live casino is powered by NetEnt. You will need to create an account and be logged-in to be able to play in this casino. 

4. Promotions 

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The promotions tab can be found just after the six different languages that Rembrandt Casino offers. Once you go to the promotion page you will be met with all of the current promotions that are active throughout our website. You can also choose to filter and only view the promotions that are relevant to you. If you are looking for promotions on slots then you can choose the filter slots and you will only be shown the promotions which are active and redeemable on any slot games that we have available on site. You can find any promotions that are active for one week on the ‘weekly promotions’ tab and you can also take a look and see if there are any active tournaments going on by clicking on the ‘tournaments’ tab. You can also come to this page and take  a look at all the different welcome bonuses that we offer before you sign-up so that you can pick the perfect promotion for you. 

5. 100% Safe 

You can be rest assured that Rembrandt Casino is a fully safe gambling site. Here you can find eleven different payment options such as the well known MasterCard and Visa together with some more safe payment options. Rembrandt Casino is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). You are able to find the certificate that Rembrandt Casino has acquired by clicking on the MGA icon at the very button of the webpage. All the game providers that are used on this casino are all 100% safe, tried and tested to make sure that they are completely fair and no foul play is detected throughout the website.