2020 Women’s Basketball Final USA vs Japan Predictions and Betting Tips

The USA vs Japan game is the final game in the Women’s Basketball tournament in the 2020 summer Olympics

The USA vs Japan final game in the women’s basketball tournament at the 2020 Olympics will take place on August 7 at 11:30 PM EST. 

Who will win the gold medal in this showdown? Let’s find out by first analyzing team USA…

USA Women’s Basketball Team Preview

The US women’s basketball team is the defending champion at the Olympics. In fact, the US women’s basketball team has won a gold at the Olympics 6 times in a row starting with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

The US women’s basketball team is also the best ranked team in the world and has won the last three women’s basketball world cups.

Team USA is the only team in the women’s basketball tournament that is undefeated in the 2020 Olympics. They qualified for the knockout stage after winning their group.

They scored 260 points in the group stage which was the highest points scored by any team. That’s an average of 86.6 points scored per game.

In their opening game team USA defeated Nigeria 81-72. In the second game against Japan, team USA were trailing at the end of the 1st quarter but dominated all the other quarters to beat Japan by a decisive 17 point gap as the game ended 86-69 to team USA.

Against France, team USA found themselves yet again in the first quarter, this time with 3 points. But a strong performance in the third and the fourth quarter helped USA win 93-82.

They went on to face Australia’s women’s basketball team which is the 2nd best basketball team in the world and the runner’s up in the last women’s basketball world cup.

Team USA dominated Australia in the first 3 quarters and won the game by a massive 24 point margin as the game ended 79-55. 

In the semi finals, they defeated Serbia by dominating every quarter of the game and winning the game with a 20 point margin.

Japan Women’s Basketball Team Preview

This is the first time the women’s basketball team of Japan has reached the semi finals at the Olympics. Japan is ranked as the 10th best women’s basketball team in the world and had a rocky start in their Olympics 2020 campaign.

They won their first game against France by a 4 point margin, lost their second group game against the US by a 17 point margin and ended their group stage game against Nigeria on a high winning 102-83.

Of the 8 teams in the quarterfinals, Japan had the 2nd lowest point difference. Japan narrowly defeated Belgium in the quarter finals after a strong performance in the final quarter and won the game by just 1 point.

They faced France in the semi finals where they trailed the French, by 8 points at the end of the 1st quarter. But the Japanese performed really well in the 2nd and 3rd quarters opening a 15 and 9 point margin in these quarters respectively.

Ultimately Japan defeated France by an impressive 16 point margin.

USA vs Japan Women’s Basketball Final Olympics 2020 Odds

The odds for the USA vs Japan game in the final of the Women’s basketball tournament at the 2020 Olympics are as follows:

  • USA -3335 (1.03)
  • Japan +750 (8.50)

From the bookmaker odds we can clearly see that the USA women’s basketball team is heavily favored to win the gold. In terms of probability, that converts to a 97.3% probability for a US win.

USA vs Japan Olympics Women’s Basketball Final Predictions

We think it’s highly unlikely that Japan can defeat the USA in the women’s basketball final at the 2020 Olympics. 

We expect this game to be quite high scoring and expect a total of 160 points to be scored. We believe that Japan will fight back ferociously.

We expect team USA to win by a margin of at least +20 because that’s what has happened in the past 3 finals of the women’s basketball Olympics.

USA vs Japan Olympics Women’s Basketball Final Betting Tips

We are basing our betting tips for the USA vs Japan game in the final of the Women’s basketball tournament at the 2020 Olympics based on the strategy we discussed in our article on basketball betting tips

In this article we build a strategy centered around NBA games but we believe it applies here as well.

To cut a long story short we don’t recommend a simple moneyline bet on the US team because the odds won’t fetch you a good profit. In fact, if you would just win 3 cents for every dollar. That means if you bet $100 you’d just get back $103.

Instead we recommend you to run with a parlay bet (combo bet) for this game between the US and Japan if you want to make that money rain.

Here are some of the events you can build a parlay or combo bet around:

  • Moneyline bet on the US team to win
  • Over/under betting total score for the game- check out our prediction on how many points will be scored and pick a bet in that range.
  • Spread betting- USA to win by a spread of at least 20 points. 

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